Art Direction, Wardrobe,

Hair, Prop Styling + Retouching

“Blood Orange" is a short film that was produced for Columbia College Chicago's 2018 capstone film program. After the film was shot and the original set scrapped, the film's director reached out to me to develop the cover art and brand imagery.


In order to bring the film to life as a set of still images, we created a storyboard that reflected important aspects of the film and eluded to the storyline. 


I designed and fabricated a set in studio and costumed the four characters in new looks for maximum graphic appeal.


While we were able to reincorporate some of the original props, I redesigned and hand styled each detail of the costuming and props on set.

Photography: Glen Gyssler
Models: Viviana Evans, Daniella DeLuna, Shara McGlinn, Nina Clevinger