Creative Direction, Production Design, Performance, Wardrobe, Prop + Food Styling

Halloween 2018, CJ Aslan and I were commissioned to curate a fully immersive installation at Fulton Market Kitchen for Maker's Mark Whiskey. “The Feast Within” featured interactive performance art, soundscapes, hors d'oeuvres and craft libations.


Guided by an eccentric cast of characters, guests traversed through a multi-room installation fit to invoke the sixth sense. This psychological whirlwind prompted spectators to indulge in questionably savory treats, contemplate their existence by way of riddle and mingle with the freaks at a surrealist cocktail party.


We fabricated the six room installation structure on-site, fully conceptualized the psychological experience, designed the soundscape and collaborated with Fulton Market Kitchen's chefs + mixologists to craft custom treats and cocktails for the event. All costuming, characters, script and decor were also curated under our direction.


Please see full list of credits below.



Interactive experience curated by Daniella DeLuna + CJ Aslan


Produced by Jacquelyn Trezzo


Sponsored by Fulton Market Kitchen + Makers Mark Whiskey



Set Fabrication: James Saxe,  CJ Aslan + Daniella DeLuna


Prop + Wardrobe Styling: Daniella DeLuna + CJ Aslan with assistance from Jelly With No J


Silicone Pillow Face + Taxidermy:  CJ Aslan


Shibari: Christine Eduardo


Faces Sculpture: Michael Pantelios


Big Heads: Taylor Crosby


Paintings: Pedro Macdeo


Sound design: Prov Krivoshey, CJ Aslan + Daniella DeLuna


Characters: Daniel Romeu, Justin D'Acci, Monarx, Christine Eduardo, Nikki Milan Houston, Taylor Crosby, Dexter Stokes-Mellor, Empress, Jelly With No J, Melissa Almandina, CJ Aslan and Daniella DeLuna


Photos by Tom Gavin and Olivia Wolf