Creative Direction, Production Design, Prop Styling, Wardrobe + Editing

Always inspired by the POM Wonderful brand, I created a fantasy Halloween campaign that juxtaposes the packaging's sleek design with a sterile environment and futuristic aesthetics... 


"Drained by a lifestyle of carnivorous decadence, these sanguinarians knew it was time to move beyond the constant stresses of blood shortages, nutrient withdrawal, and antioxidant insufficiency.


Upon discovering POM Wonderful, they found they could stay true to nature while maintaining biological health and vitality.


Getting healthy is hard, drinking POM is easy!


This antioxidant superpower can bring anyone back to life - even the living dead."


Creative Direction + Production Design: Daniella DeLuna


Photography: Glen Gyssler


Models: Jo Control + Daniella DeLuna


Latex: Busted Brand + Transluna


Vinyl Jacket:  Bambi