Creative Direction, Production Design, Retouching, Performance, Wardobe + Prop Styling


Tea with Transluna is an immersive experience featuring photo, film, auditory stimulation and installation art. ASMR, food styling and interactive performance all contributed to the sensory experience.


This project began as a collaboration between myself and Berlin-based latex artist Hadas Hinkis in December 2017 and was exhibited at Soho House Chicago in June 2018.


Inspired by the whimsical textures and fleshy palette of Hadas' designs, I conceptualized a delectable dreamscape fit for Marie Antoinette on a cloud. Pairing the wearable latex sculptures with materials such as jello, icing, silicone and milk, we shot an uncanny series of photos and videos which preceded a live tea party installation.


In the installation, guests were invited to indulge in a confectionary wonderland of gelatinous treats, creatures covered in sweets and surfaces decorated from floor to ceiling in icing.


From inception to fruition, I managed all aspects of art direction set design, install/curation, performance, costuming and photo/video editing.


Please see full credits below.



Creative Direction + Production Design: Daniella DeLuna


Photography: Glen Gyssler


DP: Alex Halstead


Latex Accessories and Headpieces: Hadas Hinkis


Icing Accessories + Production Assist: Bun Stout


Labial Garment: An Authentic Skidmark


Latex Wardrobe and Styling: Transluna


Event Producers: Angel Harrold + Saro Melero


Performances: Viviana Evans, Bun Stout, Kaycee Conway, Hereaclitus Vernon and CJ Aslan.