Creative Direction, Production Design, Props, Performance, Wardrobe + Retouching

You are cordially invited to a tea party with a twist where you will be fully immersed in a world of delightful treats, textures and tipsy tricksters.

Creative Direction, Production Design, Props, Wardrobe + Retouching

Inspired by Italian mod aesthetics and Memphis design, this vibrant set with a retrofuture twist set the scene for Rosseto’s 2019 product launch.

Creative Direction, Production Design, Wardrobe, Props + Performance

Immerse yourself in a world of delightful horrors, terrifying treats and textural sounds scapes in an interactive installation that heightens the senses through food, drink, sound and performance. 

Creative Direction, Production Design, Props, Wardrobe + Retouching

Enter an otherworldly utopia of plastic ecstasy featuring designs by Bambi.

Creative Direction, Production Design, Props, Wardrobe + Retouching

Drained from a lifestyle of carnivorous decadence, these sanguinarians knew it was time to move beyond the constant stresses of blood shortages, nutrient withdrawal and antioxidant insufficiency.

Art Direction, Production, Props, Wardrobe + Food Styling

Things are not always what they appear to be in this juiceshop from hell... After the short film "Blood Orange" was shot and the original set scrapped, the film's director reached out to me to develop the cover art and brand imagery for the press release.

Art Direction & Production Design

Additional samples of Art Direction and Production Design for photo, film and live events, designed and executed by Daniella DeLuna 

Prop, Wardrobe + Set Design

Daniella DeLuna is a skilled fabricator with experience in carpentry, foam sculpting, laser cutting, mold making, latex fab and garment construction as well as model making and technical drafting.